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Thank you for booking on-line with Inner Harmony Pte. Ltd.

Kindly read the Terms & Conditions before you proceed with your booking.

Terms & Conditions :

Our Customer Service Department at our HQ will confirm with you on the status of your booking within one(1) working day.

Immediate appointments – please call the respective centre’s hotline:

  • ATOS Wellness – 25 North Bridge Road, Level 3, #03-01 – 6841 9926
  • ATOS Wellness – The Chevrons – 6841 9926
  • Inner Harmony PTE LTD – 25 North Bridge Road, Level 3, #03-02/03 – 6841 9926

For change or cancellation of appointments – should be made with the respective centre at least a day before the original appointed date.

Only one(1) treatment per appointment per day is allowed through on-line booking.

The Management reserves the right to assign any therapist/masseuse if the requested therapist/masseuse is not available as our buddy system will apply. Each client is assigned to a team of trained therapists.

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